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Master of Music in Film Composition

The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program has partnered with the Seattle Film Institute to offer the original one-year Master of Music in Film Composition degree program.  Learn from industry professionals, get training in all industry software and standards, write and conduct music for 9 live recording sessions with professional musicians in world-class studios, and in just 40 weeks earn a graduate degree with the skills, experience, and connections to start your career.


History of Success

Here is just a small sample of what our Masters have been up to since graduation.


What our Masters' graduates say about our program.

“Honestly, getting my Masters in Film Scoring from Hummie was probably the best decision I have ever made. Not only do you get taught everything you need to know about composing for film, but you learn about the industry as a whole AND you actively apply all of the skills you learn! I worked on 5 various films while I was there (and 4 more projects outside of the masters requirement), actively working with directors and scoring for live instruments, played by professional musicians in Seattle (all of whom are called on to record for Hollywood scores). Only 3 months after graduating in July of 2017, I moved to Los Angeles to work FULL-TIME with professional composers, orchestrators, copyists, and directors because of the industry-standard teachings that the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program brought to the table. In only ten months, you get your music recorded 9 times, learn industry-standard practice from a 2-Time Emmy Winner, and understand how to tackle this art form as a career. Do yourself a favor, and go to Seattle.”

Jarryd Elias, PNWFS 2016-17