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Master of Music in Film Composition
On-Campus and Low-Residency Options

Applications for Fall 2024 are still being accepted!!

The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program has partnered with the Seattle Film Institute to offer the original one-year Master of Music in Film Composition degree program.  Learn from industry professionals, get training in all industry software and standards, write and conduct music for live recording sessions with professional musicians in world-class studios, work with student directors from around the world, and in just 40 weeks earn a graduate degree with the skills, experience, demo reel, and connections to start your career.


New Low-Residency Option

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new Low-Residency option for our Master of Music in Film Composition program!

This option allows students to attend and participate in live classes remotely and then join us in Seattle for a series of 1-2 week residencies during the school year for recording sessions and workshops.

Low-Residency and On-Campus students attend all classes together as one hybrid cohort.

One of the Top Film Music Programs in the World

Rated as the #4 school in the world for film scoring education by Music School Central and featured in the Hollywood Reporter as one of the top music schools to study for a career in film and television.

in just one year, the school places students into a pressure cooker of intense learning resulting in a professional demo reel that can be used to obtain future paid commercial opportunities… Schools that focus on the value and future of their music students are compelling options, and this program most certainly does exactly that.”

Dozens of Scoring Projects

  • Conduct live recording sessions with professional musicians

  • Produce and mix remote sessions

  • Create high quality mockups and electronic scores using virtual instruments and synths

  • Work with student directors from around the world scoring their actual films

  • Graduate with an impressive and well-rounded demo reel


Learn from Industry Professionals

All PNWFS staff and faculty are active professional film and game composers, orchestrators, copyists, and engineers.

Accelerated and Affordable

  • Earn a Masters degree in less than a year

  • Low-Residency option for those who cannot move to Seattle

  • Computers and software provided to all students

  • Access to FAFSA financial assistance, loans, and veteran’s benefits

  • Thousands available in Merit-Based Tuition Awards


More than Just Music Theory

The Master of Music in Film Composition program also focuses on:

  • Instruction in all major software used in the industry

  • Conducting for studio orchestras

  • Songwriting for film

  • Studio technology

  • Mixing

  • Creating music and sound design for interactive games

  • Business and contracts

  • Networking

How to apply:

Prospective students should either already have or be in process of earning a 4-year undergraduate degree. There are no requirements that the undergraduate degree be in music, though it is recommended that students have at least some formal training in music theory.

To apply you must fill out the online application and then submit the following materials:
• Your college transcripts (these can be “in progress”)
• 2 letters of recommendation
• A $50 application fee
• A portfolio of 3 recent compositions that you feel best represent you as a composer. These compositions should be of varying styles and ensembles. You must submit both an audio recording and a notated score for each piece. Audio recordings can be MIDI/electronic but at least one piece should be written for live players.

International students only:
We require the TOEFL for all international students unless you have earned your undergraduate degree from an English speaking university, college, or school. Our institution code is B443. IELTS scores are also acceptable.

Application deadline:

We offer rolling admissions, there is no official deadline to apply. Once we have received your online application and all of the required materials listed above it usually takes 2-3 weeks to be informed of our decision.

Tuition, Fees, and Awards:



Tuition for both the on-campus and low-residency options is $40,040.  This includes all classes, workshops, studio and musician costs for recording sessions, and a personal computer provided to each student preloaded with all of the software, sample libraries, and plugins needed to complete the program.



There is a $50 application fee due when applying and a $100 registration fee due after acceptance to hold your seat in the class.


Tuition Awards:

We offer merit-based Tuition Awards, which all applicants are eligible for.  These are determined by the strength of an applicant’s portfolio and transcripts and do not require any additional applications, essays, videos or submissions.  Applicants are informed of their award upon acceptance.


Other financial aid is available.

Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute
Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program

Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute

Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute

Aurore Boréale - Sandrine Rudaz

Climbing Mt. Symphony

"With Paper Hands" - PNWFS 2012

History of Success

Here is just a small sample of what our Masters have been up to since graduation.


What our Masters' graduates say about our program.

“Honestly, getting my Masters in Film Scoring from Hummie was probably the best decision I have ever made. Not only do you get taught everything you need to know about composing for film, but you learn about the industry as a whole AND you actively apply all of the skills you learn! I worked on 5 various films while I was there (and 4 more projects outside of the masters requirement), actively working with directors and scoring for live instruments, played by professional musicians in Seattle (all of whom are called on to record for Hollywood scores). Only 3 months after graduating in July of 2017, I moved to Los Angeles to work FULL-TIME with professional composers, orchestrators, copyists, and directors because of the industry-standard teachings that the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program brought to the table. In only ten months, you get your music recorded 9 times, learn industry-standard practice from a 2-Time Emmy Winner, and understand how to tackle this art form as a career. Do yourself a favor, and go to Seattle.”

Jarryd Elias, PNWFS 2016-17

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