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While other programs produce alumni, only the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program produces Alummies. The graduates of our Masters program are an elite group and form a tight-knit network of music professionals in film, television, video games, and other media around the world. Join us every month for a free lecture from one of our Masters and get your illumination from Alummie Nation!

Composing & Arranging for Voice:
From Pop to Opera

Saturday March 9th at 10AM (PST)

The original instrument! Join us for a deep dive into techniques, strategies, and philosophies for crafting compelling vocal music and accompaniments. We'll explore arranging and orchestrating preexisting songs, as well as composing original material. In addition, we'll take some time to break down specific voice types and discuss setting words to music, syllable by syllable. Adding an element of text to music creates wonderfully unique opportunities to evoke emotions, storytelling, and worldbuilding. If time permits, we'll also discuss working in arts administration as a creative.


Presenter: Spencer Edgers

Spencer Edgers (class of 2020-'21) is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Juneau, AK who has lived, studied, and been steeped in music in both Philadelphia and Seattle. His most recent film credit as composer is Poison Crue, which premiered at the 2022 El Paso Film Festival. Spencer has premiered two short operas; The Dust Gets in Your Eyes and Everything After with Seattle Opera, and has orchestrated & arranged two songs in collaboration with Taylor Vidic for The Juneau Symphony. 


Brief Hiatus

Our Alummination online lecture series will be taking a brief hiatus while we focus on the launch of our new 2-year online evening film scoring program. We have really enjoyed putting on these talks and hope to bring them back in the Fall of 2024.

Thanks for joining us and stay tuned!

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