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While other programs produce alumni, only the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program produces Alummies. The graduates of our Masters program are an elite group and form a tight-knit network of music professionals in film, television, video games, and other media around the world. Join us every month for a free lecture from one of our Masters and get your illumination from Alummie Nation!

Creating passive income while growing film/music career

Saturday April 15th at 10AM (PST)

I believe the real reason so few composers are able to eventually provide for themselves/their families by doing music is not simply because of an abundance of competition, but rather the lack of decent income for so much work for such a long period of time leading to eventual burn out. We all know you have to do gigs for cheap (or even free) for a while before the real paying gigs start to kick in. That's why I've started looking at ways to earn passive income in order to give myself the two most necessary things to keep a healthy home life along with being financially stable, those being:

1. TIME. We need time to score as many quality projects as possible without being so worried about how much they pay.

2. INCOME. We obviously need an income to provide for our/our family's needs.

Sounds simple, but it ain't easy. It takes time and effort to create small businesses that can provide eventual passive income, but in the long run it can give you those two essential aspects that give you a higher chance of truly succeeding in this competitive industry!


Presenter: Jordan S Roper


-Love In Focus (Hallmark)
-No Precedence (Hollow Films)


-Dream Girl
-The Watch
-The Legend of the Dragon Sword

-To Err (I was producer as well)

-Varient U
-The Right Time
-A Sense Of Sound

-GeoFORCE: A Journey to Understanding

-How Do You Do That Voodoo?
-For What It’s Worth
-The Fin Fun Story
-A Timely Noel
-Peace and Hope
-The Siren


-“My Name Is Mitka” performed by the Cheyenne, Wyoming Symphony, Reno, Nevada Philharmonic and Idaho Symphony -“Borrow Cupid’s Wings” performed by the Cheyenne, Wyoming Symphony

-“Amore O Missione” performed by Logan, Utah High School Symphony

-An Original jingle and 8 Commercials and Scores for in home care
company “Assisting Hands” (I was producer as well)
-Score for commercial for Insurance Company “Ranlife”
-Score for 3 commercials for hearing aid company “Reader hearing”
-Score for radio ad for Pediatrist Dr. Rick Roper
-3 scores for 4 HR videos for “Sandia National Laboratories
-Score for promotional video for “Angel Studios” (Producer for the hit show “The Chosen”)

Remote Recording and Mixing: Producing Music With Individually Remote Musicians

Saturday May 20th at 10AM (PST)

There are many resources about recording and mixing live ensembles, but composers and producers are increasingly relying on remote musicians with their own home studio setup. The process of recording of a group of musicians, all in separate locations, and mixing them together comes with unique logistical and production challenges different from what is faced in a live setting. This talk will walk you, start-to-finish, through the process of producing music with remote musicians, including how to organize files for delivery, how to edit and standardize the recordings you receive, and some unique advice on mixing the recordings you receive, as well as some of the benefits and limitations of this type of “ensemble.”


Presenter: Thomas Kresge

Thomas Kresge is a composer, orchestrator, arranger, copyist, saxophonist, and educator with credits spanning film, video games, television, musical theater, and live concerts. His work includes orchestrations for Marco Beltrami (Waiting for the Barbarians, Nine Perfect Strangers, Silent Night, The Royal Stunt, Bach by Beltrami), Diana Ross (Live at the Hollywood Bowl, NBC Christmas Tree Lighting), Jacob Yoffee (Kohl’s Give Joy Get Joy, The Incredibles 2 Trailer), Diane White-Clayton, and on the musicals “Way Back When” and “Esther.” He’s most recently been the composer for Toy Story 4 and Godfather pinball tables produced by Jersey Jack Pinball, and serves as the producer and lead arranger for The Game Brass, for whom he’s provided over 50 arrangements and helped release seven studio albums and countless singles and music videos, alongside a live performance on the MAGFest main stage in 2023. He’s also an active educator and runs a private music lesson studio, training students of all ages on piano, woodwinds, trumpet, and composition.

Assisting & Putting Out Fires Under Pressure

Saturday June 24th at 10AM (PST)

Breaking into the industry as a proofreader/copyist/assistant/HOPEFUL ORCHESTRATOR. Horrifying and inspiring stories about: last-minute score changes, how to manage time, how to deal with stress at home with insane work hours, when to speak up on a gig, when to shut up, etc. 

Presenter: Bobby Brader

Bobby Brader is an LA-based composer, orchestrator, pianist, and music director. He has worked on many film, television, game, and commercial projects. He has assisted in-demand Hollywood orchestrator Tim Davies on over 20 projects, including: Trolls (2016), The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017), Marvel's Spider-Man for Playstation (2018), and Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023). Some of his commercial music work with Tim includes music preparation and takedowns for artists such as: Ne-Yo, Common, Brandy, and Ledisi, for their performances with the National Symphony Orchestra. He was an orchestrator for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, at Disneyland and Disney World, working under Randy Kerber and Harlan Hodges. He did the same type of work on American Idol for three seasons, as well, assisting Associate Music Director Michael Orland. Bobby has composed scores for many short films and several feature-length films, including a variety of Hallmark and Lifetime channel movies, writing additional music for composer Bobby Rose. As a pianist and music director, he has worked with talents such as: Andrew Lippa, Jason Alexander, Audrey Landers, Pauly Shore, and the New York Yankees. Recently, he was hired by his mentor, Dr. Hummie Mann (composer: "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"), to be an orchestrator for a new documentary he scored called "The Automat", starring comedy icon, Mel Brooks.

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